Affordable Custom Design Tables!

by | Jul 27, 2017

Affordable Custom Design Tables!

Do you love the ability to choose every aspect of your furniture? Have a specific style in mind you can’t seem to find, or colors in your home that are difficult to match? Look no further than Kitchen Tables and More. At our showroom, you will find Canadel custom design tables: known for its quality and countless options.

Now, Canadel brings even more options to the table!

Their newest line, the East Side Collection, provides the perfect combination of wood and metal accents-to satisfy both the urban dweller and those who prefer a more country look.

Not only is there a variety of table options-with glass or wood tops, round or rectangular, leg table or pedestal base, but also multiple chair and bench styles, buffets, and even an island that is customizable! And, this collection is more affordable than ever.

custom design tables sets

Truly, this collection is a great combination of affordability and quality, while still allowing you to design exactly what you are looking for.

Within the East Side Collection, Sunbrella fabric is one option.

This fabric is more resistant than the typical fabric, with water resistance, fade resistance, and special treatment to prevent staining.

The East Side Collection offers benches with or without fabric, arms, and back.


custom design tables and pink chairs

Another customized option the East Side Collection provides are colored glass tabletops, with a clear or frosted finish-allowing you to choose a table that is entirely original.

Whether you like to stick to the more neutral colors, or you are someone that loves to mix in bright colors, the East Side Collection has something for you.

In addition to all these amazing options, you have the ability to start designing now, from your home!

You can start choosing your own custom design tables and stop by our store to order what you have created, or design it from start to finish in our showroom. The decision is all yours.


custom design tables with metal


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