Amisco Metal Barstools with Backs

by | Mar 14, 2018

Amisco Metal Barstools with Backs: The Perfect Barstool for Your Space

Utilizing bar stools around the kitchen island or bar creates a warm and comfortable setting where our friends and family can feel relaxed. Amisco metal barstools with backs are some of the finest quality barstools you’ll find anywhere.

The choices are almost endless; I guarantee you’ll find the perfect style for your space and your purposes. Honestly, you will “wow” your friends and neighbors with these quality stools.

Amisco Metal Barstools with Backs-swivel


If you’re like us, you probably either have a birthday party, an event or a meeting of some kind happening at your house or office regularly.

Sometimes it can feel like the front door is continually revolving and people are constantly coming in and out. Can you relate?

That’s why it’s incredibly important to optimally utilize the space you have. Have you ever had more people show up than expected?

All of a sudden, the chairs you set up are full and you have more guests than you have seating. That can be a little embarrassing, right?

But if you run out of room and need a “Plan B,” Amisco metal barstools with backs are beautiful and sturdy extra chairs that can instantly increase your seating while taking up minimal space.

The guests sitting on these barstools will be more than comfortable with the great back support from the backrest and comfy, cushioned seat. Even “heftier” guests will feel relaxed since the steel frame is robust and strong.

In fact, you might find that guests not sitting on the barstools may feel a little jealous and wish they were sitting on one instead of a regular chair. But before World War 3 starts in your living room, billiard room or man cave, let’s consider some of the specific styles and features of the Amisco metal barstools with backs.

Amisco Metal Barstools with Backs

Barstools for the Kitchen Island

When you think about where to put barstools, the obvious location is the kitchen island.

The kitchen island is often the center of family life; it’s where the wallet and keys are tossed, where the sunglasses land, where the mail first sits.

In our family, it’s where breakfast is quickly inhaled before heading off to school or to the office. It’s where we chop vegetables and tear lettuce and mix cookie dough.  It’s where a lot of life happens.

When I was a kid, I remember sitting on a barstool at the kitchen island and doing my homework while mom prepared our evening meal. I remember sitting at the kitchen island discussing with my dad which car I should buy. I remember looking through bridal magazines and planning my wedding with my mom and sister while perched on a barstool at the kitchen island.

Today, my kids take a seat on a barstool at our kitchen island and do homework, tell me about their day, or talk about how soccer practice went.

With a drink in hand or a snack to munch, there’s just something comforting and relaxing about situating oneself on a barstool – it’s almost like the stool puts its guest at ease and encourages him or her to feel more open and sociable all around.

So if your family spends as much time around the kitchen island as we do, furnishing it with well-suited barstools is a necessity and may actually improve your communication and relationships!

Honestly, I feel like I have better discussions with my teenage sons when we’re sitting at the kitchen island – it’s a much more relaxed posture for everyone.

Amisco Metal Barstools with Backs-industrial

Barstools for Other Locations

Of course, barstools are perfect for man caves, outdoor patios or your personal bar.

However, we need to think out-of- the-box when it comes to barstools too.

An elegant barstool situated near a baby grand piano becomes a make-shift stage for a soloist or instrumentalist.

What about barstools around a tall table in your 4-seasons room or on your deck or porch?

Imagine a pool-side bar and stools to create that luxurious, resort-feel in your backyard (which would be a lot cheaper and enjoyed much longer than a few-days- stay at a resort).

Rustic barstools around a game table, billiard table or in a game room make activities even more entertaining and fun!

The possibilities are endless. But one thing is for sure: the right barstools for the right space will change the whole atmosphere of the room and the whole experience for the participants.

Amisco Metal Barstools with backs-non swivel

Your Style, Your Choice

Choosing the best barstool for your space matters. So you’ll want to consider the following when choosing just the right barstool for your needs:
 Comfort
 Height
 Material
 Features (ie. swivel or non-swivel, memory return or not)
 Color
 Style (simple, luxury, modern, traditional, etc.)

Amisco Metal Barstools with Backs-swivel feature


Amisco metal barstools with backs offer well-cushioned seats for maximum comfort and backrests that give phenomenal back support.

So whether your family uses these on a regular basis around your kitchen island or bar, or you entertain friends regularly, these stools will be a hit.

Amisco Metal Barstools with Backs-traditional


You’ll want to consider where you’ll use your barstools in order to purchase the correct height.

For example, there are 3 common heights to choose from: counter height (26″), bar height (30″) and spectator height (34″).

Like their names indicate, counter height stools and bar height stools are optimal for counters or kitchen islands and bars, respectively.

A spectator height bar stool is perfect for any game room or billiard parlor around a pool table or near a dartboard. Like its name implies, it’s great for viewing games and activities with a clear view.

Amisco Metal Barstools with Backs-wood seat


Barstools are manufactured using all different kinds of materials.

But I have to say, the Amisco metal barstools with backs are my favorite for several reasons.

First, the quality and durability are really second-to- none.

Second, I have 3 sons (2 who are teenagers), and if you have boys, you know that they are rough on everything!

Also, my sons have lots of friends who come over and hang out, and they too are not exactly delicate with anything.

They enjoy messing around and having fun, so barstools made of metal is a must for us.

Metal is incredibly sturdy and durable, and the footing is rock solid too; this is perfect for our family dynamics!

Third, the cushy seats are super comfy so your backside doesn’t hurt after sitting even for a long time on these stools!

Amisco Metal Barstools with Backs-custom design


To swivel or not to swivel? This is a feature that you can decide if you want or not.

Arm rests or no arm rests? Depending on where and how you’ll use your barstools, this is another feature you’ll want to consider.

Now, if you’re a bit of a perfectionist and you prefer not to see barstools turned every-which-way, then you will definitely want memory return technology.

It causes the barstool to return back to its original, forward-facing position after a person gets up, and it only swivels 90 degrees to the left or right.

But if memory return isn’t a big deal to you, you can choose non-memory return which allows you to turn a full 360 degrees on the barstool, and it will not automatically return to its forward-facing position.

Amisco Metal Barstools with Backs and footrest


Most barstool colors and fabrics you can choose from are earthy, natural colors including tan, brown, black, gray, and taupe.

But if you prefer something more vibrant or something that pops, you can also find some options in fiery red.

The best thing is you get to customize your fabric from dozens of options! There are also about 12 different shades of metal that you can choose from for the Amisco metal barstools with backs.

Amisco Metal Barstools with Backs-custom upholstery


There are so many different styles of barstools to choose from.

Consider your space and then decide if you’d prefer light and delicate, strong and sturdy, or chic and hip.

There are different styles of back rests (solid, webbed, cushioned, or metal-shaped), and different styles of metal thicknesses and textures to consider.

All in all, whether you’re looking for something functional or elegant, around the kitchen island or at the office, Amisco metal barstools with backs give you so many options that you’re sure to find the perfect fit and style for your space.

Amisco Metal Barstools with Backs-customizable

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