The Beauty and Convenience of Buffets and Servers

by | Jun 6, 2018

The Beauty and Convenience of Buffets and Servers

You’ve been looking forward to this weekend for a long time. You’re having some special guests, and you’ve prepared an incredible meal. It will be a full house, and you’re thankful for your new dining table set which seats 8 comfortably.

Since you’ve made so much food, you’re definitely going to use the matching buffet to arrange the beverages. It will make a nice display as well, and your guests won’t miss any of the festivities by having to go to the kitchen for drinks or additional food. You’re so glad you made the decision to order the server along with the rest of the dining set.

Solid Wood Buffets and Servers

Benefits of Buffets and Servers

Many people want the buffets and servers not only for extra storage but also for extra space to serve food and beverages when guests come over.

Buffets are a great place to store items that you want quick access to such as extra dishes, napkins, silverware or glasses. It can save the host from running between the dining room and the kitchen too. This helps you, the host, to enjoy yourself more and feel less stressed.

Black Buffets and Servers

Multiple Features

Buffets and servers come in all different styles, shapes and sizes. You can choose what type of finish, what style of doors and what kind of storage will best suit your needs.

Finish: Just like the many different types of finishes for dining sets, you can select a buffet or server that is stained perfectly for a formal style or with a distressed finish for that rustic look.

Doors: You can select a buffet or server with no doors for open storage, or with doors for hidden storage (which is great if you prefer not to have to worry about how messy your dishes are!). You can also choose to have traditional pivoting doors or sliding doors (like a mini barn door).

Doors can also be finished with glass; this option is great if you have beautiful dishes that you want to show off or display.

Grey Buffets and Servers

Storage: Your choices for storage inside the server include drawers, shelves or both. Drawers are usually lined with felt, and some buffets even have tops that extend out for additional serving space. This extra space can come in handy when you have many guests and you need more space for serving.

Handles: You also have your choice of handles for doors and drawers. Your options include different colors, finishes and styles. From knobs to drop-ring hardware, you can choose just the right hardware to enhance your buffet.

Special Features: Some servers come with a built in wine rack and stemware rack for ultimate convenience.

Feet/Legs: Feet or no feet? Legs or no legs? These are the questions you want to ask yourself because it’s your choice to have very short “sofa feet” or none at all at the bottom of your server.

Likewise, you can choose to have longer or shorter legs depending on which style you prefer and how tall you would like your server. Legs and feet can also be beautifully crafted and turned, or you can select unfinished, more rustic, legs – it all depends on your personal style.

Buffets and Servers by Urban Barnwood

Hutches: Some buffets and servers offer the option of hutches to sit on top of the server. In this case, you lose the flat serving surface on the top of a hutch-less option, but sometimes you can still have a serving surface with a pullout, hide-away option.

Hutches are great especially if you need a lot of storage space for extra dishes, drinkware, flatware, napkins and the like. Plus, hutches beautify any dining space.

Shape: You can even choose from a more traditionally-shaped rectangle server to a more modern square-shaped server. If you choose a server with a hutch, you can choose a longer server with large hutch, or if your space is limited, you can choose a tall and skinny version instead which is perfect for smaller spaces.

Grey Buffets and Servers

Enhancing Your Dining Space

When your buffet isn’t being used to serve guests, it makes a beautiful addition to your dining room decor. If you have special dishes to display, a glass door or door-less buffet not only safely stores them but also beautifully showcases them.

A server becomes a natural place to display a vase of freshly-picked flowers or other centerpiece to accent your dining space. Likewise, as the seasons change and holidays come and go, you can rotate which centerpiece will adorn your buffet. This can easily give your dining area a variety of different looks that you can enjoy and create a welcoming and joyful atmosphere not only for your guests but for you too.

Solid Wood Buffets and Servers

A Cherished Piece

Your buffet or server can be a beautiful family heirloom that your family cherishes for generations. Because of their durable quality and superior manufacturing, it’s something that can and will last a long time. And you don’t need to worry about your server going out of style; these are pieces that never lose their style or appeal because they only gain more value as they age.

As you can see, buffets enhance any dining space not only in beauty but also in convenience. And there are tons of options for style, color, finish and more so you can choose just the right server or buffet for your personal style, decor and needs.

Most of our dining room sets here at Kitchen Tables and More have a matching server or buffet even if you don’t physically see it in our store. We can order the matching buffet for any dining table set you choose; you can expect to receive your order within 4-6 weeks.

White Buffets and Servers

So what are you waiting for? Why not invest in a server or buffet to enhance both the beauty and convenience of your dining experience? Invest in a piece that can be enjoyed for generations to come … and work on developing some patience in your life while you’re at it!


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