Butterfly Leaf Tables

by | Aug 1, 2017

Butterfly Leaf Tables

I can remember many Thanksgivings and Christmases which began with family members digging through storage to find leaves to make room at the table for everyone. But thanks to butterfly leaf tables, the hassle of lugging a heavy leaf through the house (and attempting to locate this leaf in the first place) is no longer a problem!

The beauty of easily storing the leaf inside the table not only makes life easier, but also creates more room in your storage space.

Now, imagine a table with not one, not two, but three leaves!

Keep all of them stored away most of the year, and you have a table which comfortably seats six people. Or, take advantage of all the leaves and seat up to fourteen!

The Mariposa table becomes as small as 40″ wide by 78″ long, growing up to 132″ long, making use of its three 18″ leaves. This table really does steal the show with its leaves that glide into place so easily, only one person is required to take the leaves out-or put them away.

butterfly leaf self storing leaf

table with butterfly leaf

There are three different colors for this amazing table, too. Oak stained, Warm Grey finish, or Chalk and Cocoa two tone, all three are beautiful options.

The Chalk and Cocoa two tone set is the newest of the three, and is now in stock at our store. For those who prefer lighter colored furniture, this opens up a whole new world!

In addition to these beautiful finish options, the table is also constructed of solid wood.

Between its solid wood construction, trestle base, and butterfly leaf, what’s not to love?

Each color also provides two types of chairs: slatback or ladderback, providing even more opportunity to truly allow your personal style to show through the table and chairs you choose.

butterfly leaf table with 3 leaves

Stop by the Kitchen Tables and More showroom today, located at Easton, to see this amazing set in person!

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