Canadel Furniture: Customized to Fit Your Family!

by | Mar 6, 2018

Canadel Furniture: Customized to Fit Your Family!

Don’t you just love supporting family businesses?

There’s just something about investing in a company that not only values family but also benefits directly from the purchases we make.

I enjoy supporting family-owned businesses so much more than the large retail giants. And the customer service you enjoy and the quality of the products is phenomenal too.

Canadel is one such company that specializes in dining room furniture.

It’s family-owned, and several generations have worked together to help the company succeed.

They value family so much that they aim to create furniture pieces that become cherished family heirlooms that are so durable and special that they are passed on from parents to children to grandchildren. What a legacy, right?

And I bet you’ll be surprised at the affordability of the Canadel furniture prices considering how unique and personalized they are.

Normally, when you shop around to purchase a customizable dining room set, the prices are through the roof, but not with Canadel. In fact, you’ll find quite the opposite.

Canadel Custom Island


In Canada in 1982, Canadel began modestly, and its vision was born: offer personalized products according to customer’s needs.

From the beginning, Canadel understood that each family is unique, and so each furniture set should also reflect and celebrate that uniqueness – a uniqueness that would be cherished for many generations to follow.

This isn’t your run-of-the-mill furniture; Canadel proudly hand-assembles and hand-finishes each and every piece to ensure industry standards are met at the highest quality possible.

They also value the environment and follow procedures to safeguard it. In fact, the company is committed to reducing its carbon footprint by buying locally, recycling paints and dyes and using recycled materials as much as possible.

The company proudly distributes tens of thousands of tables and thousands of chairs each year all over Canada and the United States.

Canadel Uphosltered Chair


All Canadel furniture is custom-made. That’s right. You read that correctly. Every single Canadel piece is custom-manufactured, so you’re getting a one-of-a-kind dining set that is as special and unique as your family is.

Another option is to mix-and-match different seating pieces with different tables, so the possibilities are utterly endless. You literally can design your dining furniture set to fit your style and your life from square one with Canadel.

And this is what I find absolutely astonishing: Canadel furniture prices remain extremely practical despite the customizability and personal touch that distinguishes each set. I have NO idea how they do it! And the best part: you can get your custom-made dining set in just 4-6 weeks!

Canadel Customized Dining Set


Canadel dining sets offer countless choices when it comes to style.

Chairs: If you’re looking for something simple, you’ll want to consider un-upholstered chairs.

But if you want something more formal, then perhaps upholstered chairs are more appropriate for you.

Additionally, if you want upholstered chairs, you’ll want to decide if you want just the seat upholstered or the back upholstered too.

Do you want arm chairs or armless chairs? Would bench seating be appropriate for your style and space? These are all points to consider when deciding what fits best with your family needs and style.

And no matter what you choose, you can be sure that the Canadel chairs will be ultra-comfortable!

Canadel Chairs with custom upholstery

Tables: Like the chairs, the options Canadel offers for tables is almost endless. Tables range from glass table tops with different bases to thin table tops with dainty legs to thick farm-table-like tables with tree trunks for legs.

Shape: I’m sure you won’t be surprised to learn that Canadel dining sets come in a variety of shapes and sizes including square, rectangle, circle and oval.

Size: You can choose 5-piece dining sets (4 chairs and a table), 7-piece dining sets (6 chairs and a table) and 9-piece sets (8 chairs and a table).

Each set, of course, comes in different sizes, so be sure to measure your space to get an idea of what you’ll need.

And as you can see, no matter the size of your family or how many friends you invite over for New Year’s Eve, Canadel can set you up with the right size dining set for your needs.

Canadel Custom Uphosltery

Fabric: There are many different types of material for upholstered chairs including traditional, leather, and microfiber.

And these come in many different designs and patterns as well. This is an incredible option for customers so that they can customize their dining room set to match already existing drapery and other furniture in the home.

General: They offer different finishes and washes (including the popular distressed look), different colors (including teal, white, and black, just to name a few) and even 2-tone options.

Canadel even offers to shape your chair and table legs however you’d like – simple or fancy.

So whether you’re looking for a traditional, simple dining set or an elegant, formal dining set, Canadel furniture can deliver exactly what you’re looking for.

Canadel Round Dining Set


When it comes to quality furniture, choosing quality materials goes without saying. The folks at Canadel use 100% solid birch to create their pieces (except for one line, which is also made of other solid woods).

And you can rest assured that you’re supporting a company that values our environment because the company is doing its part to protect our environment by choosing sustainable manufacturing practices, recycling and doing business with local vendors for materials and supplies.

Canadel Dining Set


Like I said before, Canadel furniture prices are incredibly reasonable considering all the benefits and choices customers receive. In fact, Canadel 5-piece dining sets start at just $1,500 and go up to $4,000 depending on style.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I let money stand in the way of what I want or need because I have a family and bills and responsibilities. But because Canadel furniture prices are so sensible, and I know that investing in an extremely durable and long-lasting dining set, I can purchase without guilt or concern.

Canadel Custom Dining Set

Your Family Dining Set … Your Choice!

As you can see, the choices and possiblies are endless with Canadel furniture. You truly can personalize your dining room set to reflect your family and your style.

Not many furniture places offer customized options like this.

Usually, you walk into a furniture store and look around at their inventory. You can’t customize anything! You have to take it or leave it. Don’t like the color? Too bad. Prefer a different size or shape? Oh well.

But if you’re going to invest in a dining set that can be passed on to your children and their children, don’t you want it to be something that you absolutely love and are proud to give them? Of course!

So start dreaming about exactly what kind of dining set you want for your space, because it’s not just a dream anymore – with Canadel furniture, your dream will become a reality!

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