Creating Atmosphere with Amisco Barstools

by | Feb 21, 2018

Creating Atmosphere with Amisco 30-inch Metal Barstools

Picture this: you’ve just come home from a long day at work, and you’d like to relax with a drink. You situate yourself comfortably on your Amisco 30-inch metal barstools with supportive back rest and take a swig.

You lean back, sigh and allow the cold beverage to slide down your throat; you sense the cares of the day slip away at the same time.

This is just what you needed … a little downtime to relax before dinner and family activities begin for the evening.

Amisco 30-inch Metal Barstools swivel stool

Or how about this? It’s time for the big game.

The guys from the office nominate you (rather, they nominate your to-die-for man cave) to host the party.

You stock the fridge and enlist your better-half to help with the snacks.

You want the event to be “one to be remembered,” and then you consider your furnishings. It’s time for new barstools.

You definitely want to make a great impression not only with the food and beverages but with the whole atmosphere.

You want your guests to be comfortable and to have a great time.

You remember seeing some Amisco 30-inch metal barstools at your brother-in-law’s house; they were incredibly sturdy, very stylish, and very comfortable.

You could tell that they were quality barstools. You decide to order some right away, and you’re surprised how many styles, colors and options are available.

Amisco 30-inch Metal Barstools custom design

Or maybe you can relate to this: This is the summer that decide that you’re actually going to DO something with the backyard patio near the pool.

You have envisioned a cocktail table with chic barstools creating a relaxing, spa-like atmosphere where you can entertain friends or just unwind with your spouse after a long day.

But basic barstools will never do; you need sturdy, quality, classy barstools that will be the envy of the neighbors.

And you want lots of choices so that you can choose the perfect style for your sophisticated taste.

Amisco 30-inch Metal Barstools swivel stool

Understanding Barstool Heights

You may or may not know that there are different heights available in barstools.

You definitely want to measure your counter or bar to make sure that you’re getting the best height for your space.

For example, Amisco 30-inch metal barstools are perfect for bars, cocktail tables, or work-top seating, but they would be way too tall for your typical kitchen island or counter. For your kitchen island or counter you would want to stick with a counter stool height.

So here’s the takeaway: a 30-inch barstool would be perfect for counters or bars that measure about 42 inches (give or take a bit depending on your personal preference).

Amisco 30-inch Metal Barstools with low back

Back or Backless?

If you’re sitting at a bar on an Amisco 30-inch metal barstool, you’ll definitely want to consider whether you want a back on the barstool or not.

Most people feel more comfortable with back support because barstools are higher, and a back support helps them feel like they won’t fall off as easily. (You’re going to want that back support there just in case, right? It could prevent someone from hurting themselves.)

But I digress … back to the stools. My point is this: typically, with counter stools, you can get away with no back support because you’re sitting lower, but when you’re sitting at a bar, the back support is just a really good idea.

Amisco 30-inch Metal Barstools customizable

Amisco 30-inch metal barstools have literally dozens of options for back support from solid backs to partially open backs, from upholstered to un-upholstered – you just need to decide what would be the most comfortable for you and your guests as well as what would fit your style and design goals.

On the other hand, backless barstools have their advantages too because they can be neatly tucked under the bar yielding a tidier feeling in the room. Also, when you don’t have a back (or arms) on the stool, you can easily climb on to and slide off of the stool.

Generally, barstools with backs will offer the swivel or non-swivel option as well. Personally, I think the non-swivel options are more luxurious and sophisticated whereas swivel barstools are more contemporary and fun. So you need to decide what type of atmosphere you want to create in your space and then choose whether swivel or non-swivel would be more appropriate.

Amisco 30-inch Metal Barstools swivel

Fabric Options

How you cover your Amisco 30-inch metal barstools is up to you. With more than two dozen options – from solid to print – from bold colors to subtle shades – the possibilities and combinations are endless. The only limit is your imagination.

Metal Options

With Amisco offering more than a dozen metal options ranging from sun gold to white to black to silver, you’ll undoubtedly be able to find exactly the color, finish and texture that will perfectly complement your room.

Amisco 30-inch Metal Barstools 360 swivel

Styles Galore

Contemporary. Cool. Modern. You can create energy and excitement by choosing a non-traditional style. This works great in a man cave or game or billiard room space. Watch the inhibitions disappear as your guests make themselves comfortable and at-home on your cool stools.

Leather. Deep Colors. Tradition. Create a pub-style feel or sports club aura that encourages conversation and camaraderie. The male bonding that happens in this type of ambience will put the ladies to shame!

Warm. Family. Inviting. Choose barstools that never go out of style, just like your family. Fashion a charming space by selecting simple barstools that will stand the test of time (and kids!). Enjoy connecting with the family while lounging comfortably and enjoying a snack or beverage together.

Authentic. Rustic. Real. If you’re a little more country and can’t get enough of the farmhouse feel, then you’ll want to consider some of Amisco’s charming countryside-inspired designs.

Here’s the bottom line: no matter what your style or preference, there are Amisco 30-inch metal barstools designed to accent your space.

Amisco 30-inch Metal Barstools with Back

Comfort Affects Atmosphere

When it boils right down to it, comfort affects how people feel about the space and the activities happening in that space.

As a host, it’s your responsibility to create atmosphere. You must decide what you want your guests to experience in your space and then figure out how to make that happen.

Obviously, music, food and entertainment affect the mood and aura of a room, but so do the furnishings.

You don’t want people to feel sore after they’ve been relaxing on your barstools nor do you want them to feel unsafe because the stools aren’t stable and sturdy.

You want stools that not only reflect your personal style but also make your guests feel right at home.

You want them to enjoy connecting in conversation, participating in entertainment and sipping on a cool drink.

You want them to leave feeling refreshed and happy, and the type of barstools and furnishings matter just as much as the refreshments do.

Amisco 30-inch Metal Barstools contemporary

Make the Move

So don’t wait another day and don’t wait until after the next get-together; make the move and improve that man cave, backyard patio or personal bar with Amisco 30-inch metal barstools that you can be proud to own and will wow your guests at the same time.



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