Custom Tables – When Your Kitchen’s Not Out-of-the-Box

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10 Reasons to Consider Custom Tables

10. The paint and stain options when ordering a custom table allow you to get just the right color to achieve the look you want. Check out Canadel’s custom tables and design your own here.

9. You’re drooling over a kitchen table set you found in a magazine, but can’t find it at any major retailer.

canadel custom tables

8. Custom tables are handmade and higher quality. Your table and chairs will last for generations.

7. You found the perfect table, but the chairs aren’t your style or vice versa. Box sets can work against you.

6. Your space dictates a narrow/extra long/extra wide/extra tall table, you need all bench seating or an odd number of chairs. Whatever the situation calls for, the option isn’t available out of a box.

custom tables with benches

5. Custom ordering allows you to complete your themed kitchen or dining room. Express your love for The Ohio State Buckeyes or your initials by laser etching them into your chairs.

4. You feel matching chairs and tables are – well – too matchy matchy.

3. You have a budget – any budget. Custom options may allow you to get the perfect table, but choose a different chair option so you hit your budget number. Custom options are often thought to be more expensive, but that’s not always the case.

custom tables and chairs

2. You’re not in a hurry. Delivery lead times vary, but a custom order is typically 6-8 weeks.

1. You value craftsmanship and sustainable initiatives. Custom ordering from retailers such as Canadel and Palettes of Winesburg supports craftsmanship, jobs and sustainable practices from businesses in the United States and Canada.

two tone custom tables

Find thousands of custom furniture options here.

Written By Megan Ericson

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