Choosing the perfect dining room chairs for your table!

by | Jun 17, 2017

Choosing the perfect dining room chairs for your table!

There are many great dining room sets out there! Maybe you love a dining table, but you are not in love with the matching dining room chairs.

Or, you are wanting to make your dining table more kid friendly with casual chairs. Or you may be looking for the perfect farmhouse set and want several different styles of chairs.

Finding new dining room chairs is just a great way to revamp your space for different seasons and holidays.

dining room chairs with metal back

It’s a budget friendly way to give your home a new look. Whatever the reason is, here are some ways to choose the perfect dining room chairs for your space.

Find Chairs That Go Well with Your Table

Don’t get stuck with finding the same exact style as your dining table. They do not have to be the same exact color or style, just as long as they somewhat fit with the look of your dining room.

Have fun and get creative with mixing and matching woods and textures! Incorporate a pop of color or patterned upholstery.

dining room chairs with upholstered seat

You can even get multiple unique chairs to mix in with the rest. So maybe you choose six of the same chairs and then make a statement with two, unique end chairs!

We have so many choices to choose from in our selection at Kitchen Tables & More, with the best prices all year long! We even give you the ability to customize your own dining room furniture to best fit your home.

Think About Size

Start out by measuring how big your dining table is and then figure out how many chairs would fit all the way around.

An easy way to fit more people around your table is to incorporate a bench. We at Kitchen Tables & More have a wide selection of the highest quality furniture with many benches to choose from! This is a great piece for a large family with lots of kids.

dining room chairs alternative

Think about the height as well. Before purchasing your dining chairs, make sure the height will fit well with your dining table and give you enough room to sit comfortably.

You don’t want to fall in love with a set of chairs only to realize when you get home that they are too high or low! We offer counter height and dining height chairs in our store.

Get the Comfort You Want

We believe the kitchen table is the heart of the home in America, so make it count with some comfy dining chairs. Make sure they are easy and light to move around as well.

Keep in mind that upholstered and cushioned chairs make for the most comfortable chairs!

dining room chairs black

These are a few things to consider when shopping online or checking out dining room chairs in stores.

Finding the perfect dining chairs can be made easy when you know what you want and need!

Our Kitchen Tables & More team is happy to help you make the best selection possible. We have a huge selection online, and you can also visit our Easton showroom in Columbus, Ohio.



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