Picking the right dining room furniture to create a great experience!

by | Jul 31, 2017

Picking the right dining room furniture to create a great experience!

Are you looking to make your dining room space beautiful and inviting? Are you getting ready to host a dinner and want to revive your space? Dining room furniture is where memories are made, laughter is shared, and where your family gathers and grows.  So here are some ways to make your dining experience enjoyable and make it feel like home. Here we go!

Pick a style you love!

First things first when creating a welcoming dining room! You want to choose dining room furniture that goes well with the style of your home.

If you want a more sophisticated and classy look, go for more neutral colored furniture and wood. In this case, you can add some color later with a unique rug pattern or table runner!

If you have more of a modern style of home, you could go with a glass table or a clean white look. To add warmth, you can throw in some table accessories or upholstered chairs.

Change the mood with seating options. While the table is the focal point, change it up with a different style of dining room chairs.

If you are looking to switch up your already existing set, add in something fresh and new! Mix it up with a pop of color in an upholstered chair or mellow it down with some classic, neutral colored seating.

The options are endless, and just thinking about some of these different options is a great start!

dining room furniture trestle table

Find quality pieces.

A good way to make sure the furniture you purchase is in good condition is to test it out. And what we mean by “testing it out” is going to the store in person!

This will give you a better idea of what it looks like and what the materials feel like.

Check for qualities such as the strength, durability, and stability of the legs of the chairs and tables.  Make sure there are no cracks, shatters, or that anything is unbalanced.

Good quality pieces will give you the durability you need to keep your dining room looking good for years to come.

dining room furniture table set

Create a comfy and convenient space.

Now, let’s get practical! Style isn’t always everything when it comes to picking out your dining room furniture.

You want your guests and family to feel comfortable in your space. A good way to make seating comfy is by adding quality cushions and upholstery!

Running out of space tends to be a problem with growing families. We at Kitchen Tables & More know that the kitchen table is the heart of the home. So we have options to make every space work.

We want to make room for as many people as possible while also leaving you enough walking space. If you are in need of dining storage space, you may want to consider getting a buffet.

A buffet/server adds style and functionality with space to store glasses, drinks, and more with counter space on top.

dining room furniture table and chairs set

So here is a good start to creating an overall great dining room experience for your friends and family! Every detail really does matter.

Luckily, we at Kitchen Tables & More make finding dining room furniture easy!

Our beautiful showroom is located in Columbus, Ohio. We have plenty of table and chair sets to choose from with amazing sale prices all year long.

So come check it out if you are in the area or choose from our wide variety of kitchen and dining room furniture online!


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