Dining Room Furniture that Fit Your Family’s Lifestyle!

by | Jun 6, 2017

Dining Room Furniture that Fit Your Family’s Lifestyle!

Dining room furniture: your table is the place where a family comes together and shares stories, talks about their dreams, and creates memories that last.

We at Kitchen Tables & More believe that the heart of the home in America is the kitchen table!

Rather than waiting until the holidays to rush out and buy one, take your time to think about what would work best for your family. Before falling in love with a piece right away, here are some things to consider.

dining room furniture set

Begin with your lifestyle!

Think of how and where you will use that dining room furniture.

If your dining room table is in the same area as your kitchen, most likely it will be used more often for a lot of different things.

In this situation, you might want to go with a more casual style that has a good, hard-wearing surface.

If your dining room is totally separate from your kitchen, you could go with a formal dining room table.

dining room furniture dark finish

Since it will only be used for special occasions, you can choose a more delicate surface.

We have dining room furniture to fit both of these lifestyles!

Table Size

Make sure you accurately measure the size room you have, and how the table will fit.

A good size dining room table fits up to 8 people!

You want to allow space between the wall and the table so your guests can comfortably walk around if needed.

dining room furniture 9 piece

The width of a dining room table should usually be around 40-45 inches to be able to commune with guests well and have plenty of eating space.

Our tables at Kitchen Tables & More vary in size to fit the size of your family. If you have trouble finding a big enough table, we even have a customizable option!

Table Shape

The shape of your dining room table should be convenient, and also appealing to the eye.

This will make your guests feel right at home and comfortable! You don’t want your dining table to look out of place or to stand out too much.

The traditional shape is rectangular because most dining rooms have a rectangular shape. This shape will give your family the most space to fit the most people!

If you have just a few in your family, a square shape would be perfect!

dining room furniture upholstered

A square shape also looks best in a smaller room. Another choice is an oval shaped dining room table. This shape would work great in a very narrow room.

Check out all of the dining room furniture we have to offer: tables, chairs, matching servers, buffets, and china cabinets.

Dining room furniture is easy to find when you know what you need! You can find all of these styles described above on our Kitchen Tables & More website.

Let us know if you have any questions about our dining room tables by contacting our team here.

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