Dining Room Tables: How to find the right size table for your space!

by | Jul 3, 2017

Dining Room Tables: How to find the right size table for your space!

A dining room table serves as an important space for all of life’s events. Whether you use it just for holidays or every day, it is great to invest in Dining Room Tables to accommodate all your needs.

Making sure it’s a good size is key! Your table needs to allow for the number of people you want to seat comfortably and still leave plenty of walking room.

Get a Good Idea of the Shape

The shape of your room will also dictate what shape of Dining Room Tables you should shop for.

If you have a rectangular shaped dining space, a rectangular or oval table will look best.

Or if you have a square space, a round or square table will look great! Once you determine the shape of your room, now you have an idea of what to look for! This will eliminate some options, making it quicker to find what you need.

dining room tables with stools

Determining Size

First, choose what size would work best for your lifestyle and family. To do this, measure:

1. Table to wall clearance (for comfortable room, try to leave 42-48” between your table and each wall)

2. Table to furniture clearance (measure distance between the dining table and other furniture in space; should be 42-48” between the table and other furniture instead of from the wall)

3. Factor in giving space for your dining chairs in between!

dining room tables with drawers

Figure Out Seating

Throwing in a bench seat is a smart way to add more seating in a convenient way.

You can choose from sets, up to 15- piece sets at our Kitchen Tables & More store! All of our tables come with the option to mix and match chairs-so you get to choose how many chairs you get with your table!

Our team is here for you to help you find the best seating options for your specific dining space.

dining room tables

Hosting a large amount of people on smaller Dining Room Tables is tough! So if you have to eliminate some walking space to accommodate for more dining space, you will thank yourself later.

This will make for a more enjoyable dinner for everyone. Another cool idea for making more table space is to find a leaf table option.

A leaf table allows you to add more table space! This also allows you to make less table space and add walking space for smaller gatherings.

extension dining room tables

This is a smart purchase, and we at Kitchen Tables & More have many leaf table selections available!

Now you are ready to shop! We at kitchen Table & More have so many different sizes and shapes of Dining Room Tables for you.

Our store has styles you will love as well as convenient sizes to fit any large family. We know the importance of finding the perfect dining furniture for you and the heart of your home.

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