Dining Tables, Right Size?

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Pub Dining Set with Bench

Hardy Dining Set in Light Finish

When most people begin to shop for furniture, they have a goal to maximize their ability to accommodate guests.
While speaking with a customer a few days ago, we discussed the issue of needed space in her kitchen. When it comes to a table and chairs, the rule of thumb is to have 18″ minimum between the edge of the table and a wall(or other object). That will give you enough space to pull out the chair and sit down. However… we Americans are becoming more overweight, thus I now recommend a minimum of 24″ unless you’re skinny. Now if you have a large room, I suggest you look at getting a smaller table than the maximum allowable. Maybe consider 30″ or more all around your table. I prefer a smaller table that doesn’t get in the way, but if your room is small you may not have a choice but to fill up the space entirely with your furniture.


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