Benefits to Eating Dinner as a Family

by | Jan 25, 2018

Quality time, and eating dinner as a family, is important.

Growing up, I can remember even on the busiest of days, still spending time around the kitchen table, eating dinner as a family.

While our schedules may have been hectic, we all still needed to eat dinner-so that quality time as a family was most easily spent eating a meal together.

why should we be eating dinner as a family

There are many benefits to eating dinner as a family at the kitchen table.

There is routine in knowing that every day, this is guaranteed time together-whether it is just to talk about the day, or plan out the schedule for the week and have a “family meeting.”

There has been much research done that emphasizes the importance of eating dinner as a family on a regular basis.

Eating Dinner as a Family

The New York Times wrote an article (click here to read the full article) that focuses on the physical health benefits of eating together at the kitchen table.

One of the physical health benefits mentioned in this article is the type of food eaten when dinner is a time gathered as a family at the table.

If there is not this routine in place, it is much easier to snack around rather than eat a meal and be finished eating after that designated “dinner time.”

In addition, the person in charge of cooking that meal is able to choose exactly what the family is eating. This provides much more opportunity to throw in extra vegetables that kids wouldn’t otherwise choose to eat in a fast food or snack-like situation.

Eating Dinner as a Family

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