The Future of Kitchen Trends

by | Oct 31, 2017

The Future of Kitchen Trends

What are the kitchen trends for 2018 supposed to look like?

This past year, we have seen that white and grey have been extremely popular in kitchen trends.

In 2018, however, the style is expected to become much more colorful-with particularly blues and greens.

Some may choose to incorporate this with small adjustments to their kitchen, while others may embrace this by painting accent walls or cabinets these colors.

Kitchen Trends with sage upholstery

Sage Green Upholstered Chairs-Canadel Custom Design

Considering the unique colors that are expected to become popular in the following year, colorful chairs or a table might be necessary to fit the style.

Whether you want to embrace this full-force and customize a set that is entirely blue or green, or you want to simply add a touch of this color as a part of the chair upholstery, customizing is a great option.

There are countless possibilities for customizing a table or chairs with these colors, and Canadel is a high quality furniture company that could provide furniture in these colors.

Furniture made by Canadel is solid wood-custom built to fit each customer’s personal style. Upholstered or wood chairs and countless options for table shape, size, and style.

Kitchen Trends Grey and Blue Dining Set

Navy Blue Table and Chairs-Canadel Custom Design

These images shown are just examples of the endless possibilities!

And the best part about this custom design option is that you can create your set from the comfort of home, and get in touch with us once you’ve created the set of your dreams. Click here to get started if you want to go the route of designing your set from home-then, simply call us with any questions along the way or to get pricing!

Or, you can make all the decisions in our store, with the help of one of our knowledgeable salespeople. The choice is truly all yours.

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