Gathering Around the Tall Table

by | May 24, 2018

Gathering Around the Tall Table

People are always looking for more ways to make their homes feel more welcoming and comfortable. From adding accent pillows to draping a cozy throw, from a vase of freshly picked flowers to lighting, there are many ways to enhance the warmth of your home. A counter height, tall table is another great way to bring this “homey” atmosphere!

Counter Height Tall Table

Taller Tables Create a Relaxing Mood

Recently, the popularity of tall kitchen or dining tables is rising because people want to create a less formal dining atmosphere. When you think about it, it’s amazing how simply changing the height of a table and chairs can achieve a more relaxed environment, but it’s true.

A table and chairs being slightly taller achieves a more peaceful place in which family and friends feel more at ease to be themselves and interact freely. When people gather around a taller table and are perched on taller chairs or stools, it just feels less formal and creates an atmosphere of openness.

People who are sitting on taller chairs may find it easier to share in casual conversation with people who are standing because they are closer to the same height. This may not seem like a big deal, but it can make a difference in how much people interact with each other.

Since you would never want to leave someone out, be sure to consider how someone in a wheelchair would feel around a tall table. Chances are, he or she would not feel quite as included, so if you have family or friends in that situation, you may want to think twice about a tall table for your space.

Black Tall Table

Tons of Options

Taller kitchen or dining tables, or “counter height sets” or “pub gathering tables,” as they are sometimes called, offer lots of options in style, shape, size and features.

Size: You can select a table that seats 4, 6 or even 8 people. This gives you the option of an intimate time gathering with a few close friends, or a party entertaining many people. Sizes range from 40-inch round tables to 42×78-inch rectangle tables, and everything in between.

However, you’re not limited to the sizes you see in the showroom; companies like Canadel, Amisco, Urban Barnwood, and Winesburg have custom options available for order if you have a specific size in mind. Also, counter height tables measure between 34″- 36″ tall.

Shape: Tall tables come in every shape: oval, round, square and rectangle. You’ll want to consider the shape of your space when choosing the shape of your tall table.

Style: As you can imagine, no matter what your style, there’s a tall table to reflect it. From formal and traditional, to rustic and earthy, to modern and chic, there’s a counter height table that will perfectly enhance your space.

Material: Honestly, tall tables are made from just about any kind of wood and metal you can imagine. The sky is the limit!

Counter Height 5 Piece Set

Leaves: There are lots of options for leaves; you don’t have to settle for your counter height table to always be the same size. You can adjust it based on your needs.

Some tall tables include self-storing butterfly leaves, or alternately, drop leaves (where you can fold a portion of the tabletop down to the side or under the table; this is helpful when you need more space and the table is too large, or you simply want to make the table smaller for easier storage.).

Chairs: You have many options with just the chairs. From the shape of the chair legs (unfinished or turned) to what the legs are made of (wood or metal). Additionally, you can choose cushioned or uncushioned chairs, with backs or without backs, or stools instead of traditional chairs. Some even have the option of a counter height bench or chairs that you could mix and match.

Also note, counter height stools or chairs are about 24″- 28″ tall.

Special Features: Because counter height tables are so much taller, they can offer some unique features like a convenient drawer or shelf directly under the center of the table. This is the perfect place to store extra plates, napkins and cups so they’re quickly accessible. Other tall tables come with lazy susans in the middle, which is perfect for a backyard patio party, wouldn’t you say?

Tall Table with Bench

Location is Everything

So where do you put these tall tables, anyway? The short answer is this: anywhere! But let’s discuss some of the more popular places to choose a tall table instead of a regular height table.

Game Room/Home Bar/Man Cave/Family Room

Tall tables make a great addition to any game room, home bar, man cave or family room. These rooms are often less formal, so a counter height table is a perfect way to offer a place to sit and eat without it feeling so proper. And because these tables are taller, it’s easy to just walk up to the table, grab a snack or beverage and then go back to the billiards or other activities without having to bend way over or sit down. It’s just super convenient.

Plus, these tables are fun. These are the types of tables you would see in a bar and grill or at a pool hall; putting a pub gathering table in your own space helps you recreate the fun for your own family and friends. Tall tables are great for playing cards or board games too.

Metal Tall Table


Tall tables are great for a patio or deck; they make entertaining easy because everything is within reach. When guests sit on the taller chairs, they can see all the yard or pool festivities even better. Tall tables certainly up the “relaxation factor” on the deck or patio near the pool.

3-Seasons Room

Your family can enjoy a Sunday brunch, or your friends can gather for a special celebration, gathered around a counter height table in your 3-seasons room. A tall table is a great way to keep the atmosphere relaxed and light. Enjoy a late-night latte and book or conversation at your tall table as you wind down for the night.

Informal Kitchen/Dining Room/Breakfast Nook

If you have a space for dining that you want to keep informal, then a tall table is a great way to create that environment for you and your family or guests.

Counter Tall Table

As you can see, tall tables offer some unique options and create an informal dining experience for those who gather around it. It’s not only great for a meal, brunch or a snack but it’s also fantastic for playing card or board games together and just enjoying the company of those you care about most.

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