Gray and White Dining Tables

by | May 2, 2018

Gray and White Dining Tables

It can be really easy to get in a “rut” in many areas of our lives including the meals we prepare, the route we drive and the clothes we wear. If you’re like me, you enjoy changing things up a bit in life from time to time.

Instead of taking the same old way to the grocery store or office, why not learn a new way so you can enjoy new sights and sounds (and maybe even save a couple minutes)? Rather than pairing the same shirts and pants and shoes together, it can be refreshing to mix it up a bit, right?

It’s fun to keep other people guessing! Gray and white dining tables are another great way to mix up the traditional...

It’s the same with décor. Sometimes we get stuck in what we think is formal or informal, appealing or unappealing, when really, it would do us some good to break out of our traditional views and try something new – freshen up the place.

Maybe our idea of dining furniture is stuck in the traditional, oak table with 6 matching chairs. But there are so many more beautiful styles and options out there that can bring new life to our dining areas; we just have to be willing to reconsider what we’ve always preferred.

Enter the idea of gray and white dining tables.

Customized Grey and White Dining Tables

The Versatility of Gray

Because gray is considered a neutral tone, it’s super versatile. This means that you can pair literally any other colors with it to create the design and feel you want.

You can incorporate bold, bright colors to make a strong statement in your dining space or soft pastels to create a calm, peaceful atmosphere. You can also choose to just pair gray with white, keeping the mood simple and inviting. Or highlight just one accent color in addition to the gray for a clean, comfortable dining experience.

At the same time, like black, gray can be a great color for a formal dining room – and it’s less “abrasive” than straight black. Since it’s a bit muted, it’s perfect for formal entertaining and classy dining.

Customizable Grey and White Dining Tbles


You may think this is a ridiculous point because gray is gray, right? But that couldn’t be farther from the truth. There are countless shades and washes of gray to choose from.

For a more sophisticated appeal, the dark-finished gray color offers almost a cool stone or slate look and adds a bit of mystery to your dining room. On the other hand, the light-finished gray color is more of a gray and tan mixture that gives an earthy feel to the dining space.

The difference between darker gray and lighter gray is subtle but can make a big difference in the tone of the room, so you’ll want to consider not only the colors in the rest of your house but also the lighting in your home.

If you don’t have a lot of natural sunshine coming into your dining space, then you might want to steer clear of the darker gray and select the lighter gray so your room doesn’t appear too dark. On the other hand, if you’re going for a darker more sophisticated feel, then you may be able to get away with the darker gray option.

Grey and White Dining Tables and Chairs


Many dining tables pair gray with white because it creates such a crisp, clean, classic design. Depending on the finish you choose, gray can complement a rustic theme in an all-white kitchen. Consider mixing and matching your table and chairs by using white chairs with a gray table or gray chairs with a white table. This puts a modern twist on your décor without overdoing it.

There are many beautifully formal gray and white dining tables to enhance your formal dining space as well. So whether your goal is a formal or an informal dining area, gray and white dining tables are available in dozens of combinations to help you achieve just that.

Grey and White Dining Tables Custom Design

Other Considerations

Just because you’ve finally settled on a gray dining set or a gray and white dining table doesn’t mean that you are ready to buy. There are many more decisions to consider such as shape, height, size and chair type.

Shapes & Height

As with most tables, gray and white dining tables come in round, oval, square and rectangle. Consider your dining space before setting your heart on which shape you’ll buy. In the same way, remember to consider what size or length of table would work best in your target space.

Likewise, you’ll want to think about what atmosphere to create when choosing table height. Regular height tables work best for formal gatherings, but if you want to create a more casual setting (and you don’t have young kids), then consider the attractive bar or counter height tables for an informal appeal.

Grey and White Dining Tables by Canadel


Tables offer many selections when it comes to leg type as well. Do you want 4 non-fanciful square legs (tapering or non-tapering) at each corner of the square or rectangle table? Or would you prefer a large pedestal in the center of your round or oval table? Or perhaps the double-pedestal would suit your tastes better.

And don’t forget that many tables can now come multitoned meaning the table legs are one color (gray) while the tabletop is another color (white). This is a fun and modern look and especially great for anyone having trouble settling on just which color table to go with.

Glass Grey and White Dining Tables


From cushioned chairs with a cushioned or non-cushioned back for a more formal dining experience to padded chairs for ultimate comfort to the basic wooden chair, there are multiple styles to choose from when considering which type of chairs you want for your dining set. And while we are mixing and matching, why not mix up the types of chairs as well?

If you’re choosing an oval or rectangle table with 6 chairs, consider choosing different chair styles (or colors) for the 2 chairs on the end of the table as opposed to the other 4 chairs on the longer sides of the table.

Whether you choose a gray table, white dining table or a combination of the two, you’re breaking out of the traditional mold that you may be fixed in and exploring new designs that result in a new dining experience for everyone. You just have to find the courage to let go of the common and comfortable and grab hold of something different and unfamiliar. Live courageously by considering a gray and white dining table for your dining needs.

Grey and White Dining Tables Rustic

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