Kitchen Noir – A Dining Table Drama

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A little drama in the kitchen is a good thing – in the design anyway. Drama in the kitchen discussion is another thing entirely. A kitchen noir comes with high contrast colors, oversized lighting fixtures and bringing in formal elements normally reserved for the living room (think oil paintings, candelabras, upholstered armchairs – anything luxe).

The color that brings the most drama to the kitchen or any other space: black. Black is all the hues combined. What do you get when you put the entire extended family into a room? That’s right, drama. It’s so rich and deep, you get visually pulled into its warmth.

If black were to employ an online dating service. His ideal match would be white. This high contrast couple is classic and timeless. Every ying needs it’s yang, and for black, it’s white. If your kitchen demands a more modern spin on this classic, try adding a silver metallic to the palette.

Here’s some black, drama-inducing kitchen and dining room tables from Kitchen Tables and More to get you all moody.

For more nior kitchens and table sets that will knock your socks off, see our new Kitchen Noir pinboard.

Written By Megan Ericson

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