Kitchen Tables: Back to School edition

by | Aug 24, 2016

Kitchen Tables: 3 Ways to Determine if You Have the Right One for Back to School

It’s back to school time again and that means back to the kitchen table for homework! In most homes around the world, kitchen tables are the hub of activity.

It’s where we break bread, make memories and help our kids navigate homework. But, is it a comfortable place to gather? Do you have the right table for your needs?

Size and Shape

First of all, do you have plenty of room for everyone to spread out with their books, folders and papers? It’s best to measure your dining room or kitchen space to determine what size table is right for you. Perhaps you have room to grow.

Have you considered other shapes of kitchen tables? We carry round, oval, square, rectangle and boat shaped table tops.

Our design gallery provides custom options with endless combinations of tops, table bases and seating options. For example, a pedestal table will allow for more chairs around your table.

kitchen tables to seat 14

This incredible wood butterfly leaf table with self-storing leaves can expand up to 132″!! Our store carries a wide selection of dining and kitchen tables that can easily change their size to fit your needs as well as your budget.


Comfort could be a catalyst in productive homework time. Are your chairs comfortable?

If they always hit you in the wrong spot on your back, you may want to explore other chair designs. You can choose a wood, metal or upholstered chair. Canadel Furniture has an array of chairs in shapes and sizes to maximize your comfort.

kitchen tables to seat 8

Terrified of upholstery with kids? Fear not! Canadel also offers Sunbrella fabric to cover your chairs. It’s strong enough to withstand your messiest guest and keep looking great!

Another option to consider with kitchen tables is the height. If you’re often banging your knees on your table apron, a counter height table or pub set may be a better fit for you. If your kids are younger, a traditional 30” table is a great height to suit their needs.


Finally, does your kitchen table suit your lifestyle? Is it too formal for your needs? Do you get stressed out when someone drags a plate across it or leaves a glass sitting too long?

Today’s styles of kitchen tables include various textures for your tabletop, from wire brushed to metal or natural stone. A distressed table could be the answer for you. Several of our manufacturers offer various levels of distressing, which makes for a unique and hand-crafted look.

reclaimed wood kitchen tables

It can allow you to enjoy stress-free meals and homework time around your kitchen table without obsessing over a perfect finish. Most of all, a distressed table can hide those little scratches and marks that are bound to happen.

I’ll discuss how to protect whichever table you may choose in the next blog, as well as a fun DIY project.

So check out Kitchen Tables and More-where we have over 100 sets on our showroom to choose from! Wishing you comfort and joy in your home!


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