New Years Resolutions

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Burgundy Chair with Round Table and Sophia Base from Elements by Winesburg

This year you planned to diet, exercise, blah blah blah. Well you probably didn’t do whatever you planned because it is hard…which is likely why you never did it in the first place.

Here are a few easy things you can do this year that will become habit and your furniture will be glad you did.

1. No more harsh cleaners. When cleaning furniture, you do not want to use a spray bottle of product that will add buildup. Dust and clean with a damp cloth followed by a dry cloth. Not only is it cheaper than buying cleaning products, but it is natural and your furniture will last longer.

2. Don’t lean back in your kitchen chairs. When you lean back regularly in your dining chairs, it will reduce the life of the chair by 80%. Four on the floor.

3. Store the leaf of your table flat, and upside down. The company came for the holidays and you conveniently put it in the closet on its end. That may warp the leaf over time. Place it instead, upside-down and flat under a bed.

That’s all for now. Just 3 easy steps to take better care of your furniture this year.

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