How to create a Rustic Space with a Reclaimed Style Table Set

by | Aug 10, 2017

How to create a the Perfect Room with you Rustic Table

Rustic style kitchens have a natural and timeless look. Who doesn’t love this lasting trend?

So here are some ideas to help you create this look in your own home. Whether you want a single rustic table or a full dining room or kitchen set, here are some furniture options!

There are many choices to how far you want to go with the rustic and reclaimed look.

If you just want hints and accents or all-out rustic, try to choose which one would look best with the rest of your home! Creating a cohesive design will create character and add comfort to your kitchen and dining space.

Add lots of wood and texture! There are multiple design characteristics that make up this beautiful, rustic and reclaimed look. But one of the key factors in this design is a good-looking wood material.

Incorporate the type of wood that matches the rest of your home and floors. Or if you are a little bit daring, throw in a completely different wood piece into your space!

We at Kitchen Tables & More have many natural wood options like pine, oak, cherry, maple, hickory, and more! Our top quality pieces are made to last for years to come!

Incorporate warm colors and metal accents to create this rustic design. Many of our dining room and kitchen sets come with both of these unique details.

We have many rustic table options, like our AO87 6- piece set. This model is a rich toned, solid birch wood table with four dining chairs and a unique bench seat! Its upholstered chairs and warm black accents give this the perfect rustic and reclaimed look.

Rustic Table with bench

Now, if you are looking for light shades, we have the perfect rustic table for you!

A beautiful set, like this one, will create a rustic feel while also giving it a modern twist. All of the Canadel furniture, such as this one, are made out of 100% solid birch.

This specific set includes a rectangular trestle table, a large buffet, and side chairs with upholstered seats, all finished in weathered gray.

All of our Canadel furniture can be customized uniquely to your kitchen and dining space size!

Rustic Table with upholstered chairs

The last rustic table model we want to share is an all-out rustic, reclaimed set! This set is perfect to warm up a neutral colored dining or kitchen space!

This set is customizable, made of reclaimed barn wood from Ohio barns. These are crafted by an Amish company, Urban Barnwood, here in Ohio as well-can’t get much more rustic than this set!

Rustic Table with reclaimed wood

So these are some great options when creating a rustic and reclaimed kitchen. Rustic and reclaimed is just one of the styles we have at Kitchen Tables & More!

We have tons of options, including mid-century modern, glass tables, white table sets, tall pub gathering tables, customizable options, and more.

We know the kitchen table is the heart of every home, so make it beautiful with our Kitchen Tables & More furniture!

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