Shabby Chic Tables

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Shabby Chic Tables

Popular for their comfortable-but-put-together look, shabby chic tables are here to stay.

The shabby chic style is a paradox in itself. How can it be shabby and chic? The key is to use rustic furniture and finishings but keeping the color palette limited – otherwise it’s just, well, shabby.

shabby chic tables

The signature color for shabby chic tables is white. You can’t go wrong with a white base, say a table, and then add pops of mints, sherbets or any Easter egg hue. Or, mix it up and make the table pop.

shabby chic tables dining set

This subtly distressed table set accents the shabby in a shabby chic design, but is still traditional enough that it could fit into any traditional design style if you tire of the shabby and seek more chic.

shabby chic tables with upholstered chairs

For more inspiration, check out our shabby chic pinboard.

Written By Megan Ericson

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