Tables Made From Ohio Barns

by | Apr 4, 2018

Tables Made From Ohio Barns

With the rise in popularity of HGTV shows and designers like Joanna Gaines, along with the interest in preserving our planet and its precious natural resources, repurposing used, worn materials has become a growing trend. Tables made from Ohio barns are a popular options for rustic furniture. Flea market finds are treasures, and “old” things become “new” after creative designers and talented craftsmen breathe life into them once again.

It’s no different with reclaimed wood from old barns. There are hundreds of aging barns across our nation which really have only 2 fates: restore the barns to their original state or take them apart piece by piece to salvage what can be repurposed. What a great way to reuse perfectly good wood and to avoid cutting down trees unnecessarily! It really is a great way to go green!

Amish Made Tables Made From Ohio Barns

Tables Made from Ohio Barns

Some of the trendiest furniture right now is using old barn wood to create beautiful, rustic tables and chairs for dining spaces. It’s easy to achieve that sought-after “distressed” look when using reclaimed wood because it’s often already full of unique dents and scratches.

Urban Barnwood creates tables made from Ohio barns which offer a beautiful modern style while keeping a part of history alive at the same time. Additionally, no two pieces are the same; each is unique and communicates a distinctive message to complement any room. Each piece tells a different story and has a special personality of its own.

How the Wood is Prepared

Preparing the wood to be used as tables, chairs and other furniture is a careful process. First the lumber is cleaned and dried. Then each piece passes through a metal detector to ensure all nails are identified and removed. Finally, the lumber is dried in a kiln to achieve 7% moisture; this process insures all bugs and insects are destroyed. The barn wood is now ready to be fashioned into exceptional, one-of-a-kind pieces that stand out in any décor.

Tables Made From Ohio Barns-Amish Made

Style Options

There are so many different styles you can choose from when considering tables made from Ohio barns that you’re sure to find just the right look for your space. From the more traditional Almanzo Dining Collection to the rustic Farmhouse Dining Collection to the formal-feel of the Bristol Dining Collection, no matter your preference, there are options to perfectly match your style and needs.


Most tables made from reclaimed barn wood are 30 inches in height, which is the standard. But bar height tables are 36 inches high and make a great addition to any game room or man cave. And it goes without saying, but you can choose different lengths of tables depending on if you want to seat only 4 people or 6 or more.

There are multiple types of legs and pedestals that are available as well. Many of these tables come with square legs that are basically square posts on each of the 4 corners of the table. It’s a great rustic look, and you can even choose to have a different kind of wood or different color for your table legs than the table itself. This 2-tone option gives a modern flair to the otherwise rustic appearance of the table. You can also choose tapered square legs which taper toward the bottom of the legs.

If you’re looking for a more formal dining set, you can choose a table with beautifully-crafted table legs with elegant turns and curves. (It really is amazing how the shape of the table legs makes such a statement!)

Tables Made From Ohio Barns Rustic Set

And the choices continue! There are several different styles of pedestals too. There’s the double pedestal which is connected with a long piece of wood in between that is incredibly sturdy. Then there’s the trestle (or A-frame) type table with angled legs underneath each end of the table.

And if you really want to mix and match traditional with modern, you can choose a black, metal base for your solid wood-topped table made from Ohio barn wood. The metal can be designed very simply or intricately depending on which you prefer.

And don’t forget that you can choose an extendable table that is perfect for entertaining or celebrating with extra people. You never have to worry about running out of room or leaving someone out when you have an extendable table.


There are several options when it comes to seating around these tables made from Ohio barns. Of course, you can choose between arm rests or no arm rests, but you can also select a long, rustic bench or two to replace 2 chairs on the longer side of the table. Benches give versatility and offer extra seating because people can sit closer together than in chairs. (Think about it; you can squeeze 5 or 6 kids on a bench which takes up a lot less space than 5 or 6 chairs!)

Using benches for seating around the dining table is perfect for a breakfast nook or farmhouse feel. Benches are charming in an informal way and warmly invite little ones to climb up and get comfortable while coloring a picture for the refrigerator or completing their homework.

Tables Made From Ohio Barns Pub Height

If you choose a bar height table, then bar height chairs are the obvious choice.

Chair backs also come with either horizontal (“ladderback”) or vertical slats (“slatback”); choose whichever style is more comfortable or more appealing.


Mixing and matching colors in dining room furniture is rising to a whole new level. You can select a dining set with the top of the table and the seat of the chair being one color and the rest of the table and chairs being a different color.

Or you can choose to have 4 matching chairs with a matching table but then choose for the 2 end chairs to be an accented color instead of actually matching. It’s all about what you, the homeowner, like and want.

There’s just something satisfying about rescuing wood from the scrap heap and claiming it for a new, important purpose. Choosing your next dining tables made from Ohio barns not only reduces your carbon footprint but also preserves history, reduces waste and protects the environment.

And in return, you get to enjoy stunning furniture pieces that are distinctly vintage with a modern twist. No matter how you slice it, Urban Barnwood Furniture gives old, forgotten Ohio barn wood a second chance at life by crafting it into furniture for today’s modern family.Tables Made From Ohio Barns Dining Set

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