The Appeal of a 60-inch Round Table

by | Apr 11, 2018

The Appeal of a 60-inch Round Table

When choosing the right kitchen table for your space, there are countless characteristics to consider: size, shape, finish, materials and cost are just a few of many aspects you will need to think about. One of the most classic styles is the 60-inch round table. The symmetry screams elegance and quality no matter which space it’s in.

Let’s take a closer look at why 60-inch round tables are so popular for many homes today…

The Shape

Let’s face it. Shape matters in so many ways when you’re choosing a kitchen or dining room table. And there’s no other table shape that lends itself to connecting with family and friends than a round table.

Everyone is situated around the table at angles and intervals that make conversation and connecting a cinch. Playing card games or board games at a round table only enhances the fun for everyone because no one has to reach extra far to be a part of it.

60-Inch Round Table by Canadel

Likewise, while dining at a 60-inch round table there’s not only plenty of room for 6-8 people to comfortably enjoy a meal, there’s also ample space for the delicious food to sit in the middle of the table within almost everyone’s reach.

The round shape means that no one has to reach any farther than anyone else (unless, of course, someone has extremely short arms compared to everyone else … and you can’t do much to help that!).

If you have young children, then a 60-inch round kitchen or dining room table is a must-have. You won’t need to worry about your little ones toddling around the table and cracking their heads onto a sharp corner (which is inevitably right at the wrong height for their noggins). Nor do you need to be concerned about elderly family members or friends hurting themselves by running into a corner that’s sticking out farther than they realized.

Environment and Mood

Sixty-inch round tables are ideal for smaller dining areas and help create a warm, comfortable environment. Because of the circular shape, there’s built in symmetry which is perfect for the perfectionists in your life.

You can arrange your place settings so that everything lines up and matches perfectly. Your centerpiece will be exactly in the center which creates a sense of balance, calmness and peace.

60-Inch Round Table with Upholstered Chairs

The feeling of intimacy that is created around a circular table is undeniable. Everyone is spaced evenly around the table and can connect equally with each person as opposed to an oval table in which you are closer to some people and farther away from others. No one is excluded around a 60-inch round table; it’s completely inclusive.

Material & Style

As you can guess, 60-inch round tables come in just about any material and style you could dream. You can buy right from the sales floor or design your dream table yourself. Round tables often have just one solid base pedestal in the center of the table which is great for decreasing the risk of tripping or bumping your legs.

And these pedestals come in different heights, shapes and sizes as well. But if you’d prefer, you can purchase a 60-inch round table with four legs (which certainly seems like it would be sturdier); these are available in all different shapes and sizes too.

60-inch round table by Canadel

Finishes often include matte, glossy or antique (which seems to be incredibly popular these days thanks to Johanna Gaines!). And of course, there are multiple colors to choose from including more traditional wood colors to red or white or black.



So you’ve decided that a round, 60-inch table will best suit your family’s needs 360 days out of the year. But what about the other 5 days when there are holidays or birthdays and you need a little extra table space for entertaining or celebrating?

Simply opt for a round table that converts into a longer oval shape by adding leaves. Just because a round table is what you want doesn’t mean that you have to settle for only having a round table. You can have your cake and eat it too! (Pun intended!) Adding table leaves to your round table offers flexibility and options when you need a bit more space every so often.

So don’t sweat it if you can’t decide between a round table and an oval table. You can have both!

60-Inch Round Table Oval Table



You cannot forget to consider the space you’re working with. You almost have to consider the space your table will occupy first before considering what shape you want. If your dining area is rectangular, then a round table will allow more space for some people and less space for others who are closer to the walls.

You will want to have at least 24 inches between the table and walls for people to feel relaxed and have enough room to comfortably move around. Keep in mind that if you need more of a walkway between the table and the walls that 38 inches is a better number to shoot for. (Yes, this means that getting out your tape measure and literally measuring your space is better than just guesstimating … there’s nothing worse than purchasing your dream dining set only to get it home and find out that it won’t work in the space after all.)

60-Inch Round Table Dining Set

A 60-inch round table probably works best in an open or square dining space so that no one is too crowded on one side or the other. On the other hand, a round table can fit nicely into a corner with wall benches and a few chairs on the opposite side as the benches too.

And don’t worry if you have a couple extra unexpected dinner guests; a 60-inch round table can easily accommodate 6 people and as many as 8 or 9 people as well. Of course, it all depends on how “friendly” you want to get with the people you’re literally rubbing elbows with too. You don’t necessarily have to fetch the extra table leaves to make more room with a 60-inch round table because accommodating a couple more people isn’t a problem with all the space available. As long as you have about 24 inches between chairs, your guests’ comfort won’t be compromised.

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