The Charm of Black and White Kitchen Tables

by | Apr 18, 2018

Black and White Kitchen Tables

Black and white are just about as classic as peanut butter and jelly. Even as infants, black and white are super appealing because the colors offer such a stark contrast. Babies’ eyes are drawn to patterns and shapes in black and white because their eyes are not yet developed enough to decipher different shades of colors.  So even from a very young age, we are fascinated by the contrast of black and white and are visually stimulated by them. It’s no different with décor-black and white kitchen tables are always a great option.

Black and White Kitchen Tables Customized

Designers love decorating with black, white or black and white together to create a clean yet classic look and feel. These colors are timeless and almost transport you back to an era when black and white films and photos were the norm.

Yet black and white also communicate a contemporary yet simple atmosphere as well. Even if you’re passionate about colors, you may be surprised by how appealing black and white kitchen tables can be. And you can be sure that black and white isn’t a “trend” that will be going away any time soon.

Just Black

Nothing screams “sophisticated” and “elegant” like an all-black kitchen table and chairs. Accent your formal dining room by stepping up the elegance with a table and chairs marked by clean lines and simplicity.

Some table legs are made of black metal legs which is a great way to marry modern with traditional. The black accents against the wood tabletop make a bold statement. And it’s no secret that metal is incredibly durable and not easily damaged (which are great features especially if your family is rough on your furniture).

Black and White Kitchen Tables

If you want your kitchen table to be the showpiece of the room, then a black kitchen table and chairs set is the way to go. Any centerpiece you choose to place in the middle of the black table with be boldly displayed and highlighted because of the natural contrast.

There’s no question that a black table is an exquisite look that delights guests. Alternatively, you can up the “wow-factor” of black chairs by accenting them with a bright-colored cushion. Because black is so versatile, you can change the mood of the room simply by changing the color of the cushions. Black is just fun!

Just White

An all-white kitchen table set is an incredibly classic and clean design. White kitchen tables and chairs that have been carefully distressed can offer a warm, vintage look to any kitchen but is especially effective in rustic or farmhouse kitchens.

It’s like taking a step back in time when life was simpler and all the scratches and scrapes were a normal part of life. An all-white, distressed kitchen table paired with a bench or two makes a beautiful addition to a corner breakfast nook.

Black and White Kitchen Table with Storage

On the other hand, white kitchen tables and chairs can also be incredibly formal and classy with the tabletop and seat top being one color (natural wood or black) and the rest of the table and chairs being a clean white. This makes a bold statement in any dining area.

Black and White Kitchen Tables

Mixing Black and White

The charm of black and white kitchen tables is obvious and appeals to our sense of symmetry and balance. Black and white pieces have often been paired together because they complement each other so well.

These colors are making a comeback in kitchen decorating and furniture crafting, too. It seems that nothing is off-limits, and mixing and matching black and white within the same furniture piece is not only modern and chic but also bold and stunning.

Kitchen tables that combine black and white add a touch of drama to the dining experience and ups the visual appeal of the space with their two-tone features. Don’t be afraid to push the limits a bit. Who knows? Maybe you’ll end up being a trend-setter!

Consider an all-black table paired with all-white chairs, or visa versa. The intensity of this monochromatic color scheme is truly stunning, to say the least.

Black and White Kitchen Tables-Glass Top


With a black and white color palette, you can really choose any style. Black and white kitchen tables come in clean and classic designs as well as shabby-chic. Select a kitchen table with a distressed finish made from reclaimed wood for that rustic, farmhouse kitchen look. There are countless options if you’re looking for a more formal, traditional design too. So no matter which style you prefer, you’re sure to find black and white kitchen tables to support your goals.

And remember – you can showcase your beautiful black and white kitchen table with a pop of color on the walls. The possibilities are really endless. Depending on the other décor you choose, black and white kitchen tables can transform any space into both a fun and whimsical atmosphere or a formal and elegant one. You’re the one who’s in control.

Black and White Kitchen Tables with Upholstered Chairs

Other Options to Consider

And as you would expect, you can choose any shape, size and height table depending on your needs and preference. From regular height tables that are perfect for Sunday brunch with the family to tall pub gathering tables that make you feel like you’re eating at a corner café, there are many options so that you can achieve the perfect look and feel for your space.

When it comes to shape, choosing a circular table offers more intimacy with your companions whereas a rectangle table is more formal. A square table feels quainter while an oval table communicates tradition.

Black and White Kitchen Tables-Formal

Likewise, when considering what’s under the table, you’ll want to decide whether you prefer a bold, thick pedestal or 4 table legs. And if you want 4 table legs, do you want them to be simple and straight or elegantly crafted?

Any way you look at it, the heart of the family is often in the kitchen around mealtimes. Some of the most important connections we have with one another is around the kitchen table.

So don’t underestimate the importance of choosing just the right piece for your home. Since the kitchen table is the focal point, consider a black table, white table or a table with the combination of these two colors to make a strong statement and create a stunning atmosphere for your family and guests.


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